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Honey is at a four year high!

Honey yields have hit a four-year high this year, as the record-breaking summer increased bee’s productivity by a third.

The yield is the highest since 2014, but still considered small compared to averages a few decades ago, according to the British Beekeepers Association’s annual survey. It said that 50 years ago, beekeepers could expect close to 100lb of honey per hive.

In 2012 beekeepers produced just 8.1lb (3.7kg) per hive on average, but in 2014 the yield was 32.9lb (15kg). In 2010 the figure was 31.2lb (14.2kg) per hive.

The annual survey revealed beekeepers believe the public can help honey production by planting more nectar and pollen producing flowers, shrubs or trees.

Avoiding pesticides, reporting sightings of invasive Asian hornets which prey on honeybees and leaving an area of the garden to grow wild are also encouraged.

Beekeepers were asked in an annual survey what they thought the public could do to help honeybees and other pollinators.

Planting more nectar and pollen-producing flowers, shrubs or trees was the top answer.

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