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BBQ facts and essentials this Summer

We only have a couple months left to light up the BBQ’s and make the most of what we have of our British summer. We love seeing our jars and bottles used during BBQ time. Some of our customers produce some of the best sauces & chutneys, so we have put together a list of BBQ facts and what to avoid.

BBQ Facts

  • The number of BBQ’s has sharply risen in recent years! BBQs held per family during the summer has gone from an average of 2.5 around ten years ago to over 9 now!
  • The overall BBQ, alfresco eating and entertaining market in 2015 was worth just over £7.1 billion, up from £150 million back in 1997.
  • People are spending more on entertaining their guests! Consumers will now spend around £35 on food and drink for a BBQ, up from £17 just five years ago!
  • It’s no fun by yourself! Couples are said to be three times more likely to host a BBQ than singles.
  • 33% of men and 32% of women now attend between 8-9 BBQ’s a year.

Things to remember

  1. Try not to poison your guests! Probably one of the most important tips is to make sure the sausages and burgers are cooked right through. Don’t be that person who manages to burn a sausage on the outside whilst leaving in completely raw on the inside.
  2. Get all your BBQ bits in time. Have your charcoal/firelighters/tongs at the ready. As soon as the sun shines, your local supermarket will run out.
  3. Respect your neighbours! Make sure you don’t light up the BBQ while your neighbour has a line of washing out. Give them some warning or invite them over to join party!
  4. Buy traditional BBQ food. There is no need to waste time and money on fancy food when most of us are happy with a hotdog or burger.
  5. Never underestimate how much people will eat. Make sure you have plenty to keep everyone happy and you can always save it for another day.
  6. Don’t forget the condiments and other extras. Food just isn’t the same without our favourite cheese, sauces and marinades.